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The Academy of Leadership Management and Sports Business Professionals (ALMSBP) UK is a professional organization dedicated to the development of leadership, management and sports business professionals in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2012, ALMSBP UK is committed to providing its members with the highest quality of education, training, networking and professional development opportunities. Read More


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Corporate Member

This category is for organizations that are interested in the fields of leadership, management, and/or sports business.

Student Member

This category is for students who are currently enrolled in a degree program related to leadership, management, and/or sports business.


This category is for individuals who have made significant contributions to the fields of leadership, management, and/or sports business

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Sports Business
logo Sport Business: Febuary 15, 2025

Sports Business

Joint brainstorming session involving leaders in the sports business sector in Dubai.

Sports Media
logo Sport Media Companies: September 14, 2023

Sports Media

Collaborative brainstorming session among sport media leaders in Dubai

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    Quynh Anhfrom Hanoi

    ALMSBP Management and Leadership program really set me up well for my career in intercollegiate athletics. It taught me about leadership qualities, the importance of networking and relationship building, as well as developing my skills to make informed decisions.

    Kendra Elliotfrom Roma

    ALMSBP Management and Leadership in Sport Management program taught me everything I need to know in my career in the sports industry. Not only was it the combination of classes and professors, but the clubs and opportunities that ALMSBP offered that helped propel my career to what it is now.

    Nora Robertsfrom Paris

    Choosing to study management and leadership at East Stroudsburg University led me to several different amazing opportunities. I was able to assist in community relations at the 2023 NCAA Fall Festival Championships and work with the stadium operations department at the Baltimore Ravens.